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  • Price: $75.00 - $100.00

Diesel Rage

As low as $89.99

Over the years, Diesel has gone from a small boutique brand to being one of the best-selling brands in the country. Their secret? An uncompromising dedication to excellence.  And with the new Diesel Rage, that excellence continues. These Nicaraguan beauties are only made in small-batches and will move quickly. Backed with healthy doses of margin, you simply can’t pass up Diesel’s latest creation.

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Camacho Bold Anytime Toro...

As low as $90.00

The Camacho Bold Anytime Toro Assortment is a sampler of different sizes, shapes, and blends, but each one shares the same masterful Camacho construction that made them famous! These are top-quality smokes with an even more impressive price, and there isn’t a customer in your shop who won’t be coming back for a second assortment.

La Aroma de Cuba Noblesse

As low as $75.50

One fine specimen. 

The first limited edition La Aroma de Cuba. Sounds tasty already, right? And it is. REALLY FREAKIN’ DELICIOUS. It ain’t cheap though, but the best never is. Even at $14+ apiece, I’m considering going back for seconds. 

Hailing from Pepin’s My Father Factory in Nicaragua, La Aroma de Cuba Noblesse features a pristine Ecuadorian Habano Rosado wrapper and an all-Nicaraguan blend of Cuban-seed tobaccos from Pepin’s farms. Special is an understatement, this cigar is exceptional. Rich, loaded with flavor, and perfectly Cuban-esque, Noblesse offers a ultra-complex bouquet of nuts, leather, fruit, spices, coffee, honey, and cream delivered in smooth, elegant fashion. 

Only 3,000 boxes are being produced yearly, so get in line now.

Note: Adding to the exclusivity of the La Aroma de Cuba Noblesse release is the introduction of the "Viceroy" size. Quantities are extremely limited.

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Diesel Grind

As low as $90.00

Created exclusively for brick and mortar shops, Diesel Grind has risen to be one of the most sought after brands in the nation. The savory, price-protected blend features an Ecuador Habano Sun Grown wrapper and delivers a bold, hearty smoke that is powerful and elegant. Full-bodied but exquisitely smooth, Grind dishes out notes of earth, cedar, coffee, and spice.