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  • Flame Type: Single Torch

Black-Ops Reload Lighter

As low as $100.00
Ever spend part of your day purging and refilling lighters for your customers? The process can be monotonous. Now, you can skip all that and sell them on the Black Ops Reload Torch Lighter. This single torch lighter uses butane refill cartridges that easily snap into place. No purging, no filling. The over-sized flame adjustment makes it easy to manage the flame so your customers will be firing up their cigars in no time. Innovative, compact, durable and reliable while earning you a ton of margin. Can't beat that...

Colibri Stealth Lighter

As low as $69.00

The future of cigar ignition.

One of the most advanced lighters coming out of the Colibri camp. The Stealth I was inspired by aeronautical design and puts forth a single crisp, pyramid-shaped jet flame of menacing proportions. Features a slim-profile housing, single-action ignition, and blue fuel window technology which makes checking fuel levels a breeze. This lighter is all about sleekness and function.

Colibri Enterprise Table...

As low as $150.00

The Colibri Enterprise Table-Top Lighter is nothing short of a monstrous flame-thrower. It's heavy in the hand and standing at over 4.5" tall, looks menacing even when it's not in use! It utilizes a powerful jet-flame torch, unleashed by a single, side-squeeze trigger. The enormous fuel reservoir can be monitored via the large viewing window and the large flame-adjustment wheel keeps the flame at the perfect height. Lastly, the Colibri Enterprise Table Lighter contains a pair of punch cutters, a 7mm and 9mm, attached to a unique slide out feature.

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Xikar Ultra Lighter/Cutter...

As low as $74.99

The great minds at Xikar are at it again. Combining the best of both worlds, the Ultra Slim Combo wields the power of cutter and flame in one streamlined package.

We’ve all been there. Out and about, ready to enjoy one of our favorite smokes, when suddenly your mind becomes plagued with the realization your lighter or cutter is MIA. Thanks to the sleek Xikar Ultra, your mind can be at ease. A Xikar Ultra Slim cutter magnetizes to the slimmest Xikar lighter ever made. Together these two measure a mere 5/8 of an inch thick, making it an extremely portable and manageable unit. A sharp cut and reliable flame - both with Xikar’s lifetime warranty. What else could you need?

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Xikar Stratosphere II Lighter

As low as $22.50

This lighter’s not scared of heights.

The evolution of Xikar’s Stratosphere lighter is here. Normal butane lighters have the reputation of not working at altitude, which is a problem if you’re looking to enjoy a stick at the top of a mountain. Luckily, the mad scientists and engineers at Xikar have improved upon the original Stratosphere lighter.

Xikar Stratosphere II is a high altitude and water- resistant lighter that is up to any task you set before it. Want to take a stroll up Everest and enjoy a smoke, Xikar’s got your back, want to explore the watery depths and have a cigar in the wreckage of the Titanic…well you get the point, this lighter can pass most everyday tests and will reliably light your cigar time and time again. Lighting both at high altitude and sea level, in the wind and/or rain, Xikar Stratosphere II is the only choice for a rugged, dependable, lighter that won’t fail.

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Xikar Turrim Lighter

As low as $42.99

After many years in the industry, there are very few things that get us excited. Xikar's Turrim torch lighter is one of them. This stunning, double torch lighter sits heavy in hand and will instantly impress anyone - cigar enthusiast or not. The lighter's unqiue cylindrical allows you to easily fit this into a herf-a-dor for easy travel and the precise two-flame torch will make quick work of any cigar.

Colibri Firebird Sidewinder...

As low as $10.00

The perfect pocket torch

The Firebird Line from Colibri is the bargain-lovers brand, quality lighters from a quality company that won’t break the bank. The Firebird Sidewinder Camo Lighter is a sleek and super slim design that could prove to be your new favorite. The powerful single torch flame comes out at an angle for easy lighting and is ignited by an effortless side squeeze button. Equipped with a flame adjustor and a fuel viewing window, this budget friendly flame thrower is built to last. They may be camo painted but these lighters are sure to stand out in any collection.  

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JetLine Echo Table Lighter

As low as $38.99

Hello, hello….hello…. 

Decision making can be tough. Should I eat two donuts, or three? Should I get a double espresso, or a triple? Should I use a soft flame lighter, or a torch? We’ve all faced these struggles – but today, JetLine provides an answer for our inner indecisiveness. Welcome the JetLine Echo, a powerful tool capable of switching between soft flame and single torch in one easy adjustment. Equipped with a built in punch cutter as well, this all-in-one piece is your key to easy cigar (or pipe) enjoyment!