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Black-Ops Reload Lighter

As low as $100.00
Ever spend part of your day purging and refilling lighters for your customers? The process can be monotonous. Now, you can skip all that and sell them on the Black Ops Reload Torch Lighter. This single torch lighter uses butane refill cartridges that easily snap into place. No purging, no filling. The over-sized flame adjustment makes it easy to manage the flame so your customers will be firing up their cigars in no time. Innovative, compact, durable and reliable while earning you a ton of margin. Can't beat that...
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Boss Twin Point Double...

As low as $71.99

Press the boss button.

When you hit the button, this lighter goes into boss mode torching any cigar in its path. In a compact design, this lighter houses twin wind resistant torch flames, a fold out punch cutter and a color changing fuel level window (blue reads empty and red reads full) all in a full metal casing.  A single action ignition button showcases the Boss Cigar logo on the face of the lighter for quick, easy lighting.  Press the boss button and touch up your next cigar with great power and precision.

Colibri Wellington Flint...

As low as $59.00
The Wellington is a classically designed and powered cigar lighter with exquisite styling details and finishes. With a quick twist of the thumb on the flint roll bar, a natural soft flame is ignited ready to light your favorite cigar. Flame height is adjusted on the bottom.

  • Side roller bar
  • Flint soft flame
  • Altitude tested up to 9,000 (2,743m)
  • Refillable butane
  • Gift box included


Colibri Julius Double Flame...

As low as $125.00
The ceremony of lighting a fine cigar is one of tradition and finesse—and it starts with the proper instrument. The Julius, named in honor of Colibri founder and intrepid inventor Julius Lowenthal, is built on his legacy of innovative design, impeccable craftsmanship and acute attention to detail.

Richly dressed in a gripping diamond-pattern case, the Julius is equipped with a robust double-flame that provides a strong natural burn, even outdoors. Ignition is effortless with the oversized roll bar, and power is easily increased with a gentle twist of the new touch fuel wheel. The reward: an elegant introduction to your next cigar.
  • Angled flame
  • Pachmayr grip
  • Soft flame
  • Easy-to-read blue fuel level window
  • Wind resistant
  • Altitude tested up to 12,000 (3,657m)
  • Designed in New York by Colibri
  • Refillable butane
  • Gift box included


Colibri Stealth Lighter

As low as $69.00

The future of cigar ignition.

One of the most advanced lighters coming out of the Colibri camp. The Stealth I was inspired by aeronautical design and puts forth a single crisp, pyramid-shaped jet flame of menacing proportions. Features a slim-profile housing, single-action ignition, and blue fuel window technology which makes checking fuel levels a breeze. This lighter is all about sleekness and function.

Colibri Enterprise Table...

As low as $150.00

The Colibri Enterprise Table-Top Lighter is nothing short of a monstrous flame-thrower. It's heavy in the hand and standing at over 4.5" tall, looks menacing even when it's not in use! It utilizes a powerful jet-flame torch, unleashed by a single, side-squeeze trigger. The enormous fuel reservoir can be monitored via the large viewing window and the large flame-adjustment wheel keeps the flame at the perfect height. Lastly, the Colibri Enterprise Table Lighter contains a pair of punch cutters, a 7mm and 9mm, attached to a unique slide out feature.

Colibri Slide Double Lighter

As low as $59.00

The new Colibri slide is one of a kind. Medium in size, this double torch pinpoint flame lighter has a unique slide-up single action ignition. The Slide also has a 7mm punch cutter that retracts off the back, a blue tinted fuel level window and comes packaged in a gift box. Chose from metallic black, brushed chrome and black, brilliant red and black, brilliant blue and black or black and brushed chrome finishes to toast up a premium cigar.

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Colibri Monaco Triple Flame...

As low as $59.99

Triple flame power, single flame precision.

Inspired by European racing circuits, the Colibri Monaco Triple flame lighter sports a sleek design and slim, ergonomic profile. The powerful wind resistant triple flames angle to a point, like a pyramid, and offer the precision of a single torch flame with the muscle and brawn of a triple flame torch. Featuring a single action ignition and an easy-to-read blue fuel window, this lighter is a worthy addition to the stellar Colibri lineup and will surely become your go-to lighter.

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Colibri Boss Triple Lighter

As low as $129.99

The Bossman’s lighter.

You’ll be feeling like a boss when you use the Colibri Boss Triple lighter. The first triple torch lighter to include a double bladed guillotine cutter, the Colibri Boss is truly an all-in-one accessory. The blistering wind resistant triple torch flames will easily ignite any cigar in its way and will work up to 9000 ft. in altitude, and the guillotine cutter will provide a razor sharp cut without a problem. Pick up the Colibri Boss Triple lighter today, and leave the rest of your unwieldy accessories at home.