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Herf-a-Dor Travel Humidor

As low as $18.50

5-Count - Protects 5 Churchill cigars. Waterproof and crushproof. Internal humidification device. Inside (7.88 x 3.81 x 1.25)Outside (8.38 x 4.38 x 1.88)

5-Count XL (60 Ring Gauge) - Crushproof, waterproof, big ring gauge-proof! It's all here with the 5-Count XL 60 Ring Gauge travel humidor.

10-Count - Looking for something to protect 10 Churchill sized cigars? Well, this is exactly what you're looking for. This solid, waterproof (even floats!) case will keep your cigar humidified and safe from pretty much anything you can throw at it. Outside Dimensions: 8.5" x 5" x 3"

15-Count - Protects 15 Churchill cigars. Waterproof and crushproof. Internal humidification device. Inside (7.88 x 3.81 x 3.63)Outside (8.38 x 4.38 x 4)

40-Count - The ultimate travel humidor. The Herf-a-Dor brand is made so well that they guarantee it's crushproof, waterproof, and triples as a perfect humidor. Inside you'll find foam lining to ensure your cigars are kept safe during transit. This awesome humidor holds up to 40 cigars, the biggest Herf-a-Dor we carry.

Daniel Marshall Signature...

As low as $600.00

Considered by many to be the best humidors money can buy, Daniel Marshall sets the bar for high end storage units. Being the Rolls Royce of humidors has its perks but also pushes Marshall to ensure each and every product he produces is nothing but top quality. His Signature series is one of his most sought after ensembles and this addition boasts a roomy 50, 100, 125, 150, or 165 capacity with one of 3 elegant finishes. Lined with Spanish cedar and equipped with a gold plated lock and key its aesthetics are out of this world and its functionality is top of the line. Also with a digital hygrometer, a self-regulating hydration system, and Daniel Marshall’s own humidification system you’ll have everything you need to keep your choice cuts in their favorite environment.  Treat yourself to what Cigar Aficionado proclaims is a “Best Buy” in their Humidor Review and feel secure knowing your cigars are in good hands.

Bally Humidor

As low as $100.00

A value priced, large capacity humidor? Yes, it's true!

All in all, the Bally is a great humidor. The golden Oak or beautiful Redwood finish offers a gorgeous, classic look. Small enough to fit just about anywhere, yet large enough to store 75-100 of your favorite smokes, the Bally is a great bang for the buck humidor!

Features Include:
Brass lock & key
Scratch-resistant felt-lined bottom
Kiln-dried Spanish cedar interior
Analog hygrometer & humidifier
3 Spanish cedar dividers
Lift-out cedar tray
2 brass quadrant hinges

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HC Series Humidor

As low as $99.99

A beautiful and impressive tropical Cuban vista is portrayed on the lid and spans each side, the HC Series Humidor is a wonderful storage piece for your finest cigars. You’ll love the super-high-detail work, it really is a joy to look at, and will certainly become the center of attention in your living room or smoking den. Fully lined with premium Spanish cedar and equipped with SureSeal Technology to provide an optimum seal and maximum humidity distribution.

- 100 cigar capacity
- Fully lined with premium kiln dried Spanish cedar
- 1 lift-out Spanish cedar tray
- Spanish cedar dividers
- 1 large rectangle humidifier
- 1 analog hygrometer
- Hidden quadrant hinges
- Scratch resistant felt-lined bottom
- SureSeal Technology insures optimum humidity control

Ashwood Chest Humidor

As low as $299.00

A beautifully crafted humidor for a larger collection. Silver studded and finished in high gloss Ashwood this humidor from Don Salvatore comes loaded with all the bells and whistles. On the outer surface you will notice a sleek 1639 silver Digital analog hygrometer, convenient side handles and a locking mechanism to keep your treasured cigars safe in this wicked chest. Inside the box you will find spacious capacity for up to 120 cigars in Spanish cedar lining and a large humidifier. You will be pleased with every dime spent to safekeep your cigars in this Ashwood Chest humidor. 

Park Avenue Humidor

As low as $110.00

Quality construction for a reasonable price.

The 70-count Park Avenue Humidors are quality constructed humidors with a classic finish. Available in Ebony, Burl or Cherry with added gold metal work creates an elegant look. On the outside of each box is a glass analog hygrometer, gold locking mechanism and golden side handles. The cedar lined inside includes a humidifier and two dividers for optimal storage conditions. The Park Avenue Humidors are all great options to upgrade any man cave.

Dimensions: 14’’L x 8.5’’W x 5’’H

Whitetail II Glasstop Humidor

As low as $130.00

The Whitetail on steroids.

The Whitetail II is the charming older brother of the original Whitetail. And this go round, it ate its vegetables, because it's bigger, roomier and just as snazzy. Capable of storing up to 100 of your finest handmades, the Whitetail II boasts premium, kiln-dried Spanish cedar and SureSeal Technology, creating quite the hangout spot for your cigars. Plus, if you're like me, you'll find it easy to gaze in amazement at your precious stash through the glass top lid. Looks great, works great, and won't set you back a ton of cash. I expect this one to be even more popular than our already uber-popular original Whitetail. Check out the additional features below.

The Whitetail II Humidor features include:
- 100 cigar capacity
- Premium Spanish cedar interior
- SureSeal Technology
- Spanish cedar tray with divider
- 2 additional Spanish cedar dividers
- Analog hygrometer
- Rectangle humidifier
- Gold-plated lock & key

Bourbon Street II Humidor -...

As low as $225.00

Get your beads ready for throwin’!

The Mardi Gras inspired, Bourbon Street II humidor is here! This attractive dome-top piece boasts a high lacquer ebony finish, with a beautiful wood grain pattern. Equipped with an air-flow grate at the humidor bottom, the humidity is sure to circulate evenly to every nook and cranny. A brass lock and key ensures your stash is safe and sound in this Spanish-cedar lined beauty, and also coming with a premium humidification unit, you’re well on your way to prefect cigar storage.

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Cool-a-dor Humidor

As low as $299.99

You could fit a body in this thing, seriously - we tried. A picture barely does this behemoth justice, as this trunk can easily store 5,000 cigars in ideal condition. There?s just one catch. In order to keep costs at the bare minimum, the unit ships flat and requires assembly. Don?t worry, our dim-witted intern did it in about 20 minutes. Crafted with kiln dried Spanish-cedar, the optimal material for storing cigars, along with a beautiful Mahogany finish, this piece will spice up any room you choose for it to call home.

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Countertop Display Humidor

As low as $149.99

Cigars on the horizon.

This horizontal display unit is sure to turn a few heads. Boasting a unique horizontal layout, and tempered glass walls, you can easily and stylishly display up to 150 cigars. Easy to adjust shelving lends way to a reversible layout option – face shelving toward the front or back, based on preference and personal ease of accessibility. Innovative two door design allows for easier and more space efficient access.

Additional features include:
-Large rectangle humidifier
-Glass hygrometer
-3 Spanish cedar trays with dividers
-Premium kiln-dried Spanish cedar lining
-Gold plated lock & key
-Concealed hinges
-Felt lined bottom

Shipping Constraints:
  • Oversized items ship to street addresses in the Continental USA only (no PO Boxes or APOs). These will be shipped via ground delivery services and cannot be expedited.
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Milano Glass-Top Display...

As low as $69.99

Simple yet effective.

The Milano is a perfect desktop humidor to store up to 100 of your finest handmades. First, it is fully lined with premium, kiln-dried Spanish cedar and comes equipped with SureSeal Technology. This proven technology ensures an optimum seal and maximizes the distribution of moisture throughout the humidor. Second, it features a glasstop lid so your precious smokes are always on display. Finally, the price....for a humidor of this quality and capacity, you can't go wrong!

Features include:
- 100 cigar capacity
- Premium Spanish cedar interior
- SureSeal Technology
- Spanish cedar tray with divider
- 2 additional Spanish cedar dividers
- Analog hygrometer
- Rectangle humidifier
- Gold-plated lock & key
- Engravable brass nameplate

Tuscany Glasstop Humidor

As low as $130.00

A beautiful humidor.

The Tuscany Glasstop Humidor is simply stunning....a piece of modern art built to store your cigars in truly eye-catching fashion. The classic cherry finish is highly enjoyable, while the crystal clear glasstop displays your cigar collection. The Tuscany Glasstop is fully-lined with premium, kiln-dried Spanish cedar and comes equipped with SureSeal Technology for an optimum seal and moisture control.

- 100 cigar capacity
- Tempered glass lid
- Fully lined with premium Spanish cedar
- SureSeal Technology for optimized humidity control
- Removable Spanish cedar tray
- 3 Spanish cedar dividers
- Analog hygrometer
- Hidden quadrant and piano hinges
- Brass handles
- Gold-plated lock & key and engravable nameplate
- Floral foam humidification unit

Humidor Supreme Gold Rush

As low as $250.00

Polish off that old sluice box of yours.

The Gold Rush is back and the bounty is plentiful. This attractive wood grain finished, dome humidor is the mountain that houses your bevy of gems. The Gold Rush humidor is able to accommodate 200 of your most coveted handmades. Lined with solid Spanish cedar and equipped with a glass hygrometer and a rectangular humidifier, it’s hard to find a better way to keep your treasure trove of premiums in tip-top condition.

Humidor Supreme San Tropez

As low as $250.00

Featuring the Humidor Supreme signature anchor proudly on its face, this French Riviera themed storage unit is the perfect addition to any collection. The San Tropez humidor is able to accommodate a whopping 100+ of your favorite cigars with superb craftsmanship and attention to detail ensuring your prized stogies stay in optimum smoking condition. Equipped with a scratch resistant felt bottom, SureSeal technology, a cedar tray and dividers, and an engravable brass nameplate, there’s no better way to store your favorite blends.

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Ironsides Humidor

As low as $99.99

Ironsides now bigger and badder

This humidor is called Ironsides because....well it has reinforced sides. This attractive and modern 50 or 100 capacity humidor is the perfect piece for any cigar lover. An attractive black finish complements polished metal corner guards providing functionality as well as an elegant look. Additional features include: kiln dried Spanish cedar lining, SureSeal technology, engravable lid plate, and felt lined scratch resistant bottom. Unit also includes 1 rectangular humidifier, 1 glass hygrometer, and Spanish cedar divider. Just because it looks tough don’t go tossing this thing around; it’s not completely indestructible....

Also includes lock & key