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The Cigar: Moments of Pleasure

As low as $14.99

Full Version (312 pages)

A Pleasurable Read. A Perfect Gift. A Fantastic Value.

Prepare yourself for an informative and entertaining adventure into the world of cigars. The Cigar: Moments of Pleasure traces a cigar’s journey from seed to shelf to ash, and covers the history of our favorite pastime. I have worked for years in the cigar industry, but in reading this book I learned things that I didn’t know I didn’t know. Breaking down cigars by geography, contents, how we experience the different flavors, and so much more, this book is a definitive source for better understanding the humble cigar. With glossy pictures and a treasure trove of information, The Cigar: Moments of Pleasure is a beautiful book to proudly display on your coffee table or in your cigar den. NOW - lowest pricing ever offered.

Excerpted Version (74 pages)

This excerpted version highlights important passages from the original book into a much smaller, more portable edition. Featuring interesting articles touching on all types of different aspects of cigar selection, storage, and usage, it can serve as the perfect guide for deciding what kind of cigar you should try next. The fantastic photography and per page factoid intact, The Cigar: Moments of Pleasure Second Excerpted Version makes a great gift and a great guide for any cigar enthusiast.

Bullet Cutter

As low as $7.99

Nice stainless punch-style bullet cutter.

Smoothly cores out a hole in the end of your cigars to allow for an easy draw every time. Keychain ring makes it convenient - never leave home without it!

Black-Ops Reload Lighter

As low as $100.00
Ever spend part of your day purging and refilling lighters for your customers? The process can be monotonous. Now, you can skip all that and sell them on the Black Ops Reload Torch Lighter. This single torch lighter uses butane refill cartridges that easily snap into place. No purging, no filling. The over-sized flame adjustment makes it easy to manage the flame so your customers will be firing up their cigars in no time. Innovative, compact, durable and reliable while earning you a ton of margin. Can't beat that...
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BOSS Ashtray

As low as $49.99

Stylish Brushed Stainless Steel Ashtray. Perfect compliment to your BOSS cigar!
Featuring a removable and positionable cigar rest.

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Boss Twin Point Double...

As low as $71.99

Press the boss button.

When you hit the button, this lighter goes into boss mode torching any cigar in its path. In a compact design, this lighter houses twin wind resistant torch flames, a fold out punch cutter and a color changing fuel level window (blue reads empty and red reads full) all in a full metal casing.  A single action ignition button showcases the Boss Cigar logo on the face of the lighter for quick, easy lighting.  Press the boss button and touch up your next cigar with great power and precision.